Vintage Games- Dominoes, Jacks, & Marbles - Marbles

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Recapture the fun, carefree days of childhood with these classic games! Three popular favorites-dominoes, marbles and jacks-come packaged in vintage keepsake nostalgic tins for hours of fun. Made in the USA, each set also includes a booklet recounting the history of the game for a trip down memory lane. Vintage dominoes includes a full set of double-six dominoes made of ivory melamine; rules included Vintage jacks set includes 5 real brass and 5 real nickel jacks and 2 rubber balls; rules included Vintage marbles set includes 48 assorted marbles and 2 large shooters; rules included Each set comes in a vintage keepsake tin with a booklet providing information about the game's history and variations Made in the USA




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