HP Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner L1957A#B1H

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Capture even more beautiful colors with 6-color, 96-bit scanning technology. Exclusive to HP, this scanning technology detects a wider range of color than other 48-bit, 3-color scanners, delivering the highest-quality photo scans.[2] With this technology, you'll get the most realistic photo reproductions with greater detail and color accuracy. Get superior color accuracy and photo reproduction[2] with 6-color, 96-bit scanning-exclusive to HP. Trust your memories to HP and get colorful scans that look true to originals. It's easy to get exceptional photo, slide and negative scans for fun projects at home. Get high-definition detail at 4800 x 9600 dpi hardware resolution.¹.Enjoy high-definition scans that make beautiful reprints with 4800 x 9600 dpi resolution.¹.Keep a record of important documents on your computer. Scan titles, certificates, legal papers and other records, preserving the same crisp, sharp text as on the original. Easily convert scanned documents into PDF files. Archive the digital files and have them on hand to e-mail or print as needed. Preserve crisp text in documents with scans that deliver archival-quality results. Save time transcribing hard copy documents. Edit and format text from scanned documents-such as letters from friends, recipes and articles from magazines-using included software. Edit text from scanned documents and magazines-such as letters and articles-using included software. Preserve memories stored on decades-old 35 mm slides or traditional photo negatives, for beautiful photo reprints. Save time scanning up to 16 slides, 30 negative frames, six medium format (120 mm) film frames or one 4 x 5-inch film frame at once using an adapter built into the scanner's lid-no special, cumbersome adapters are needed. Easily transform the images into digital photos that can be printed, shared through e-mail or saved on your computer. Scan up to sixteen 35 mm slides or 30 negative frames-and other film sizes-using a built-in adapter. Easily rest HP Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner Size: 11.93 x 20 x 4.25 in.











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L1957A B1H

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