HP 309A Cyan Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge Q2671A

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Improved electro-photographic (EP) process in the HP Smart Printing system[1] of toner cartridges and printer monitors the printing environment and makes automatic, ongoing EP adjustments of particle charge throughout the printing process to optimize color density, calibration, and consistency over the life of the cartridge-even under extreme conditions like high-humidity. Improved electro-photographic process provides consistent color accuracy. Second generation, chemically-grown toner has spherical particles, instead of the rough, irregular particles of traditional toners. Optimized particle size and more uniform properties enable precise toner control and particle placement and consistently outstanding, accurate colors. Pigment and gloss enhancements provide a wide color gamut. Chemically-grown toner for precise toner placement on many papers. Efficient, innovative HP printer/toner cartridge system design advancements including toner formulations to support fast fusing at low temperatures to achieve fast warmup time and quick first page out. Toner formulation designed for quick first page out. Optimal-yield toner cartridges are designed for very efficient usage and reliable, time-saving operation. Reliable, optimal-yield cartridges for cost-effective operation. All-in-one supplies are engineered to support in-line printing. The integrated all-in-one design provides fast, efficient operation and reduces the number of supplies to be ordered. All-in-one supplies provide fast, efficient operation. HP offers the best service and reliability in the printer industry, receiving a #1 ranking in PC Magazine (August 2002) in its annual service and reliability survey for the 11th year in a row, as well as an A+ grade the first time this grade was included. HP's Premium Protection Warranty. HP take-back program for easy environmentally-conscious return[2].HP take-back program[2].Printing system design makes HP supplies easy to access and install and confirms genuine HP toner cartr HP 309A Cyan Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge with Smart Printing Technology Size: 4.72 x 16.14 x 7.24 in. Color: Blue.











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