HP 122A LaserJet Imaging Drum Q3964A

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HP chemically-grown toner formulas are designed together with the HP Color LaserJet printer. The uniform size and spherical shape of HP toner particles ensures precise control and placement and reliable performance. Working with fusing technology in the printer, HP toner achieves a wide range of colors, sharp black text and smooth gloss. With HP's second generation toner, you get consistent color and professional results across a broad range of plain papers and HP everyday and specialty papers. Highly uniform HP chemically-grown toner particles enable precise control and a wide range of colors. An HP Color LaserJet toner cartridge contains more than just HP chemically-grown toner formulas. The toner cartridge also contains the toner charging and image writing systems that transfer toner to paper. HP Smart technology[1] in HP toner cartridges and the printer tunes toner particle properties and maintains precise operation of the cartridge to avoid wear of critical components, enabling precise and even placement of toner. The result is consistently sharp text and rich color. Reliable HP supplies comprise up to 70% of the total imaging system, ensuring consistent quality. HP Color LaserJet printing supplies are easy to install and maintain. HP Smart Printing technology[1] confirms that genuine HP supplies have been installed correctly. When it's time to replace a cartridge, HP SureSupply-enabled by HP Smart technology-makes shopping for replacement toner cartridges hassle-free. It notifies you when it's time to replace a toner cartridge, tells you exactly which part you need, and helps you shop locally or via the Internet from HP or your selected reseller. HP Smart technology[1] installation and ordering features make HP supplies easy to use and maintain. Simple, easy to use supplies are the hallmark of HP LaserJet printing. HP Color LaserJet printing supplies are designed together with leading color imaging technology in the printer for high-quality, low-maintenance pr HP 122A LaserJet Imaging Drum with Smart Printing Technology Size: 7.87 x 15.75 x 11.42 in.











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