Blue Bird of Happiness - Blue Bird of Happiness - Small with Birds

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We believe some of the best gifts are meant to celebrate friendship…and our blooming blue hydrangea does just that! This keepsake rustic tin planter features a picture of a blue bird of happiness on front, to remind your friends how sweet is it to have them in your life. Add to your expression with a pair of keepsake friendship birds-one for each of you to hold onto forever. Beautiful blooming blue hydrangea plant Set in a rustic tin with blue bird of happiness design 4" Small hydrangea planter measures 4"H x 4"D 6" Large hydrangea planter measures 4.5"H x 2.75"L x 7.5"W Once the blooms expire, you can plant your perennial outside for lasting beauty; with continued care, it will flourish every year Add to their gift: A pair of keepsake metal friendship birds in a metal tin




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